Whether you're trying to slim down, build muscles, to improve performance, or improve general health, we are committed to help you with proper nutrition.


Nutritious & Delicious Food

We’ll make nutritious food you’ll love! We commit to putting in the effort to ensure you'll enjoy your food. We’ve also done the research and have computed the numbers for you. We calculate and share with you the nutritional contents of all the food we serve.

Convenient and Courteous 

Delivery Service

Whether you’re at home or at your office, we’ll bring your meals to your doorstep straight from the kitchen. We commit to continuously put in the right investments to make sure your meals are delivered on time, with a smile. :)

We are currently delivering within Metro Manila.

Learning Content on

Proper Nutrition and Exercise

We’ve put in the effort and resources to learn about proper nutrition and we’ll continue to do so. We commit to tell you all that we know about nutrition, health, fitness, and exercise. 


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About Us

Mr. N was created with the intent of enabling a healthier Filipino society. He acknowledges the growing desire and needs of Filipinos to live a healthier lifestyle, and his purpose is to create products and services that will allow as many individuals as possible to fulfil these desire and needs.