About Mr. N

Mr. N was created with the intent of enabling a healthier Filipino society. We acknowledge the growing desire and needs of Filipinos to live a healthier lifestyle, and our purpose is to create products and services that will allow as many individuals as possible to fulfill these desire and needs.


We understand the nutritional challenges that people face as they try to live healthier lives, such as the lack of time to prepare food at home and the lack of affordable options from where to buy nutritious food. Our intent is to address these challenges and bridge the gap between proper nutrition, delicious food, affordability, and convenience.


Providing proper nutrition is our specialty, and we know what to feed you to help you with your health and fitness goals. But although we can help you build a stronger, healthier, and sexier body, our ultimate goal is to enable you, through proper nutrition, to become the best versions of yourselves in every activity that you do.

Nutritious & Delicious Food

We make nutritious food you’ll love! Out commitment is to put in the effort to ensure you'll enjoy your food. We also do the research for you. All the meals we serve have calculated nutritional contents for your dietary reference.


Convenient and Courteous 

Delivery Service

Whether at home or at your office, we’ll bring your meals to your doorstep fresh from our kitchen. We have our delivery team to ensure we can serve your orders on-time, with a smile. :)

We are currently delivering to areas within Metro Manila.

Learning Content on

Proper Nutrition and Exercise

We've put in the effort and resources to learn and understand proper nutrition and we’ll continue to do so. We'll do our best to share with you all that we know about nutrition, health, fitness, and exercise. 


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